Web3 is here. Are you ready?

Today we are on the cusp of the biggest transformation of the Internet since the smartphone – Web3.

Crypto, NFTs, the “metaverse” – we believe in the future of these technologies – and their business, consumer and cultural implications are vast.

Every one of us will be impacted.

More importantly, we see the potential of Web3 to build a more open and inclusive world – one that is more honest and less controlled. We are also once again at a moment where technology could divide the world even further, where so many of the challenges that plagued us in the last decade of the web could be recreated, only this time in more immersive worlds. This time the stakes are even higher.

But right now – we have an opportunity to actually build a better web.

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Welcome to Dot Dot Dot’s d3 initiative

Dot Dot Dot’s D3 is a movement to build a diverse and accessible Web3 through storytelling and editorial initiatives across traditional and emerging Web3 platforms.

We are building a media company for the Web3 era and prioritizing what that will mean for creators, inclusivity… and the future of communication. 

Our goal is to translate Web3 for the masses and help onboard everyone, so we can all benefit from the opportunities that will be unlocked by the next era of the Internet. We will tell important stories, interview smart people, and ask the challenging questions before it’s too late. We hope you’ll become a part of our movement. And join the community as we build it…so we can all help shape the future of the Internet and its impact on the world we live in.

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