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Sextech and Psychedelics: Unlocking Women’s Desires

In a society, where men’s sexual experience is prioritized in healthcare, women claiming their desires is the ultimate powermove. Join Mindcure CEO Kelsey Ramsden and Laurie Segall with clinical psychologist Dr. Sherry Welling PhD for a much needed conversation on what women want and how psychedelics can bring their desires to the forefront. Could this be the catalyst for the next sexual revolution?

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Decoding Human Behavior

The digital line is blurred between highlight reels and real life. Join former FBI agent Joe Navarro and Laurie Segall with “Human Hacker” Chris Hadnagy and Founder Anne-Maartje Oud, The Behavior Company, for a revealing conversation on how we can uncover the truth hidden in “digital tells” and subconscious clues.

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