Could AI Cost You Money & Relationships?

Jasmine Takanikos: “If I Were to Let That AI Return My Emails…It Would Cost Me Money and Relationships”

Jasmine Takanikos helps big brands hone in on their unique identity. She uses a methodology called, “Brand Human” to help people understand who they are at their core, and how that translates to the external world.

Read an edited transcript below, or listen to the full interview on the First Contact podcast.

What you’re doing when you automate everything is you’re missing the subtleties.

Jasmine Takanikos: Google fills in your answers, right? There’s all this AI around what you’re doing in the email. But what I’ve noticed is the subtlety of that voice in Google. If I were to let that AI return my emails… it would cost me money and relationships, because that tonality is off for me…I’ve defined my voice. I’ve worked hard for many years to think about who I am and connect to who I am and to the work I do. And I’m always taken aback by how it likes me to respond, which feels cold and unprofessional and quick and not very thoughtful. Now, I’m not criticizing that AI, but for me it’s absolutely the wrong tonality.

Laurie Segall: That’s so interesting that you say this could cost you money and business, right? Your whole business is built off of a real, authentic voice. And we’re entering this era where everything is automated, quicker, but there’s this humanity that’s kind of getting lost.

Jasmine Takanikos: You know, there is this automation trend, right? That it’s better for everything to be quicker and more connected …But what you’re doing when you automate everything is you’re missing the subtleties. And as a strategist, the subtleties are often where you find your pain points. The subtleties are often where you see what the client really needs. So if my tonality is off, I’m actually not delivering what I need to deliver, because of a quick response. So it takes me two seconds longer, maybe, but just to be a little bit more thoughtful.