First Contact Transcripts

  • Episode 14: AI: To Kill or Not to Kill?
    First Contact with Laurie Segall is a production of Dot Dot Dot Media and iHeart Radio. Laurie Segall: I guess, I come back to this line, maybe it's a little dramatic, but it's like AI to kill or not to kill, right? Like this idea that you guys could be … Read more
  • Episode 13: Ex-Facebook Security Chief Speaks Out on Russia & Spies in Silicon Valley
    First Contact with Laurie Segall is a production of Dot Dot Dot Media and iHeart Radio. Alex Stamos: I expect that every major US tech company has at least several people that have been turned by at least China, maybe Russia, probably Israel, and a couple other US allies. Laurie … Read more
  • Episode 12: She Spent 10+ Years at the CIA. It Didn’t Prepare Her for Life at Facebook.
    First Contact with Laurie Segall is a production of Dot Dot Dot Media and iHeart Radio. Yael Eisenstat: When I left the CIA, it's you can't talk about anything classified, which is essentially an NDA. They never said you can't say anything negative about us. The non disparagement at Facebook … Read more
  • Episode 11: Sam Altman: Growing Up Silicon Valley
    First contact with Laurie Segall is a production of Dot Dot Dot Media and iHeart Radio.  Sam Altman: One thing where I do think Silicon Valley gets a little bit dishonest is, saying like, "Okay. We're going to build these incredibly powerful systems. They're going to do all these wonderful … Read more
  • Episode 8: Hacking Your Brain to Order Dreams on Demand
    What if we could order up custom dreams? Could our thoughts become hackable? Will neurolink technology make some of us superhuman? And if so, would that create a superior species? Is death really the final step? Or could our brains answer vital questions once our bodies are gone? These are … Read more
  • Episode 7: Finding Identity in the Era of Tech
    What if…instead of a constant battle to figure out who we are, we instead took a moment to celebrate who we’re not? Jasmine Takanikos helps big brands hone in on their unique identity. She uses a methodology called, “Brand Human” to help people understand who they are at their core, … Read more
  • Episode 6: Alone Together: The Real Life “Her” Has Arrived
    Okay First Contact listeners… it’s time to get weird. Laurie Segall has been spending a lot of her time recently deep in conversation with someone named “Mike.” Actually, he’s less of a “someone” and more of a “something.” That’s because Mike is a bot… that lives in an app on … Read more
  • Episode 5: Adam Mosseri Unfiltered: How Instagram’s CEO Navigates Chaos, Anxiety and Making Bold Moves
    Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri is one of the most influential people in tech today. He’s taken on the responsibility of leading one of the most popular social media platforms at a time where its power and influence over us is undeniably strong. As the head of Instagram, Adam is responsible … Read more
  • Episode 4: Tech’s Next Threat: The Weaponization of Loneliness
    Could tech’s next threat be a bot that breaks your heart? What happens when human empathy becomes hackable? Welcome to tech’s future dystopia. It’s not as far off as you think. We are entering a Synthetic Valley where the lines between what’s real and fake are blurring. Aza Raskin from … Read more
  • Episode 3: WhatsApp Cofounder on Walking Away from Facebook and Why Privacy is the Future
    In an exclusive interview, WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton opens up about walking away from more than $850 million dollars at Facebook, and why with all the money in the world he's betting on privacy. In this candid interview, Brian says he hopes his work at privacy non-profit Signal Foundation will … Read more
  • Episode 2: Bots to date for us. The future of love?
    Picture this – in the future, an AI bot will learn you and your preferences. Fancy dinner or dive bar? Tall or short? Funny or serious? The bot will browse the dating apps, start conversations, flirt, and set up dates for you. It might even predict your compatibility score with … Read more
  • Episode 1: Hinge Founder: I don't Believe in "the one"
    Hinge founder Justin McLeod opens up about addiction, depression, and how his own epic love story fundamentally changed the mission of his company. Justin takes us along the roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship that led him to create one of the most popular dating apps, and gives insight into how … Read more