Dot Dot Dot Conversations

Computer Shows Physiological Measures of a Man Undergoing Lie Detector / Polygraph Test. Examining Expert Writes Down Observations. By Gorodenkoff

Decoding Human Behavior

The digital line is blurred between highlight reels and real life. Join former FBI agent Joe Navarro and Laurie Segall with “Human Hacker” Chris Hadnagy and Founder Anne-Maartje Oud, The Behavior Company, for a revealing conversation on how we can uncover the truth hidden in “digital tells” and subconscious clues.

Wireframed Robot hand making contact with human hand on dark 3D rendering

Death in the Digital Age

What happens to our virtual lives when we die? Join GoodTrust CEO Rikard Steiber and Laurie Segall with author Daniel Sieberg (Digital Legacy) and Director Adam Donen (Synthetic Reality) for a thoughtful conversation on the digital afterlife. Are we on the road to immortality?

Down the Rabbit Hole

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